Temporal Discussion Christmas Special – The Dunshelm Players Present Sidriss the Confused and the Merchandising Deal of Azkaban

NOTICE: This parody was produced before JKR made her more controversial personal views known. Temporal Discussion – the Knightmare Podcast and The Dunshelm Players would like to make it clear that the production of this parody in no way represents endorsement of JKR’s policies.

Trans rights are human rights.

Dazzled by critical acclaim, Sidriss publicly suggests that she and Hordriss might well be about to write yet another new volume in the Harry Potter saga. Hordriss despairs, partly because of idea-exhaustion, but mainly because his priorities are changing. His desire for literary achievement is being replaced with a growing affection for entrepreneurial conquest.

Originally released on November 4th 2011 to mark the 5th anniversary of The Dunshelm Players first audio play, Famous For Retreating.


Sidriss the Confused ………… Rosey Collins Hordriss the Confuser ………… Jake Collins

Running time approx 6 minutes. Dialogue improvised by the cast. Music (intro track ‘Nothing Broken’ & outro track ‘Melodie Victoria’) composed by Kevin McLeod of Incompetech.com. Sound effects provided by The Free Sound Project and Soundrangers. Production mixed and edited by Martin Odoni. Harry Potter is copyright of JK Rowling

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