Temporal Discussion Mid-Season Special: The Dunshelm Players – In Defence of Dan

We’re taking a short break from the series in order to bring you this unofficial Knightmare audio play by The Dunshelm Players.

Dan Howell has been hunted down by the law-enforcers ofKnightmare fandom and is put on trial for his smart-assery during the Geek Week special. His hopes of continuedfreedom depend on a lawyer who is still to sit her GCSEs, in legal battle with a rabid and ferventKMfanatic, all overseen by a judge whose only legal qualifications are a swimming certificate and a lengthy career watchingITV courtroom docudramas.

A somewhat belated. response to the new episode of Knightmare made for YouTube’s ‘GeekWeek’, is a comedy sketch written and mixed by Amy Davies.For once, it does not feature any regularKnightmare characters, and has a few gentle digs at the outraged reaction of some of the fans to the team ofYouTube stars who took part in the special. It features aDunshelm Players debut for Lucy Davies.


Clerk – Ross Thompson
Judge – Martin Odoni
Danosaur 1/Danosaur 3/Defence/Amelia Davidson – Amy Davies
Danosaur 2 – Lucy Davies
Prosecutor – Andy Marshall
Dan Howell – Martin Harder
Knightmare Fan 1/Lola Roberts – Rosey Collins
Knightmare Fan 2/Foreman – Jake Collins
Aaron Challenge – Ricky Temple

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