Temporal Discussion Mid-Season Special: The Knightmare Audio Series – S01E12

We're taking a break for a few weeks whilst I complete my diploma. Whilst we're away we're proud to be able to bring you episodes of the Knightmare Audio Series!

The KAS, rather like the Dunshelm Players, are a group of talented amateur voice actors who put on plays based on The Greater Game. Unlike the Dunshelm Players though, KAS plays are more like an extension to the original TV series. They present new quests, with new teams of contestants tackling a new version of the Dungeon of Deceit.

Episode 12 Credits:

Jake Collins as Treguard and Hordriss

Rosey Collins as Kerry and Jenny

Gemma Dwarwood as Natalie

Roy Jackson as Henry

Andy Marshall as Tom

Juliet Thompson as Lillith

Ross Thompson as Scott, Folly, Igneous and Mrs. Grimwold

Edited by Ross Thompson and Jake Collins. Minor additional edits by Martin Harder for Temporal Discussion: The Knightmare Podcast

Written by Jake Collins, Ross Thompson and Rosey Collins

Advisers created by Gemma Dwarwood

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Theme music: The Castle of Confusion (Series 4 Edit) by Chris Jerden-Cooke

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