Temporal Discussion Mid-Series Special: Sidriss the Confused & the Chamber of Secrets

Temporal Discussion proudly present The Dunshelm Players in Sidriss the Confused & the Chamber of Secrets.
Desperately seeking expert aid after yet another of her clumsy  mishaps with magic, Sidriss the Confused enters the private study of  Hordriss the Confuser and discovers that her father has been leading a  remarkable double-life.
In this short play, Sidriss the Confused is playe by Rosey Collins, and Hordriss the Confuser is played by Jake Collins.
Script written by Jake Collins.
Music (intro track ‘Shadows Of The Glen’ & outro track’Soft Blend IV’) provided by Royaltyfreemusic.com, composers anonymous.
Sound effects provided by The Free Sound Project and Soundrangers.
Production mixed by Martin Odoni.
Harry Potter is (c) of JK Rowling.

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