Temporal Discussion S04E07 – A Bloody Aardvark!

NOTE: The one-off theme tune for this episode was written by Drassil from the Knightmare.com forum and can be listened to on its own on YouTube

Episode air date: 19/10/1990

Team 3: Nikki, Corrina, Emma and Katharine from St. Albans

Team 4: ?????

Nikki and company continue their quest into the Dungeon Dimension, and wind up meeting a rather crunchy end. We're then introduced to one of the most infamous teams in Knightmare's history. Who are these lads, and what's so memorable about their quest? Listen on to find out!

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Theme music: 'The Castle of Confusion (Series 4 Edit)' by Chris Jerden-Cooke'

News bumper by mikecharley (Fiverr)

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